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Harboring Hospitality

The campus visit has shown to be the most important event of a student’s college decision.  Ambassadors have a unique and crucial leadership opportunity to serve as welcomers, guides, and first impressions of JBU to our visiting students.  Through being an Ambassador, you will be able to practice hospitality in an impactful and lasting way.  This is a unique program on campus that allows students to truly take part in the Admissions process for future JBU students by fostering an environment that is safe and welcoming to our visitors.

We firmly believe that hospitality is a skill necessary to effective leadership and service.  Ambassadors are students who love to have fun, welcome, and promote the spirit of JBU life!

During Preview Days and individual visits, Ambassadors have the opportunity to hang out with and house guests.  Preview Days are hosted by Admissions about every three weeks.  At these events, guests meet other students, shadow a class, talk with professors, and get a personal feel for campus life.  Each Ambassador is assigned to a specific guest to welcome at dinner, show around campus, and house on campus.  


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