Diversity Welcome at JBU

Senior Miguel Olivo talks about the incredible diversity among JBU students.


Hi, I am Miguel Olivo from [location], majoring in Accounting here at JBU. In our small school atmosphere, chances are that you will have a significant relationship with an international student from one of the forty-six countries represented here on JBU campus. In fact, twenty percent of the students here at JBU grew up overseas. Look here. Our community is made up of awesome students from all over the world like Brazil, Korea, Guatemala, El Salvador, Russia, and Texas. Texas? Sorry Texas, you’re not your own country. But you are one of the thirty-eight states that students come from, from California to Florida and everywhere in between. This is a great community for missionary kids where their unique experience is appreciated and adds to the international flavor of our JBU family. One of the great things of being a non-denominational Christian school is that we have students from a lot of different Christian traditions creating a beautiful diversity of worship styles and teaching, celebrating our motto Christ Over All. Not only does the world come to JBU, but JBU goes out into the world. Our students are also encouraged to experience first-hand other cultures through study-abroad programs in countries like Jordan, Ireland, Germany, China, and Spain. In addition, JBU sends student teams every year on international mission trips to places like Haiti, Guatemala, India, and Uganda. The bottom line is this. No matter you’re from Singapore, Canada Kenya, or Belize, you are welcomed here at JBU. And Texas, you are welcome too.