Grad: Counseling Experiential Learning

Internships offer real-time opportunities for learning and sharpening skills.


Geoffrey Reddick (Graduate): It really just hits you that you are impacting people in the real world and they do have these struggles.
Katie Robertson (Student): The CARE Clinic is a great opportunity for the community to receive affordable counseling services, and then for the students to also really get some real-time experience in the counseling setting.
Geoffrey Reddick (Graduate): And it’s hard and it’s messy but you get to be a part of this.
Noel Johnson (Student): The practicum experience and the internship experience, it’s hugely helpful. The opportunity to get in there, jump in there, start seeing people, start meeting people, start practicing therapy.
Emma Myers (Student): People are in need of help, and so I think it’s great to have a means to provide that, especially with the guidance of someone who’s more experienced. That’s really comforting.
Geoffrey Reddick (Graduate): They do a great job of supporting you and supervising you.
Emma Myers (Student): You have room to kind of figure out some of what you’re doing with guidance.
Katie Robertson (Student): They’ll do live sessions and view someone actually, one of the students, actually doing counseling, and so they can talk about how the counseling session went and ways to improve.
Noel Johnson (Student): I’m learning from the best, you know I say I’m grateful to be learning at a place where I’m seeing how I want to do it.
Geoffrey Reddick (Graduate): It’s really rewarding to be able to see people grow and to change.
Karol Williams (Student): This program sharpened all my skills.
Katie Robertson (Student): This is where my learning begins.