Caring Community

Senior Emily Ortiz describes how JBU students, faculty, and staff form a diverse, fun, and caring community.


Hi, I’m Emily Ortiz, I’m a Sports Medicine major here at JBU. When you visit the John Brown University campus, you’ll notice people are friendly. The amount of caring going on in the JBU community? Amazing! Students, the professors, they’re always asking, how are you doing? Do you need help in your classes? Can I pray for you? Professors care outside the classroom. They invite students to their homes, they mentor us, they pray for us, they’re here because they really do care. Living on campus in one of the great dorms like J Alvin or Mayfield, you’re going to have a lot of fun. Deep relationships happen here. These friendships go beyond making memories. They become the become the people who support you, who pray for you, who partner with you for God’s calling in life. The JBU community is diverse. We have students from thirty-nine states, and forty-five countries, all united in our desire to serve God. JBU students, faculty, and staff join together to edify the community around them. Diverse, fun, caring, I love this place.