Good Times

Sophomore Kelcie O'Donnell explains how there are tons of fun things to do at JBU


Hi. My name is Kelcie O’Donnell and I’m a Family and Human Service major here at JBU. We spend a lot of time studying here at John Brown University, but hey, you can’t study all the time. When it’s finally time to put up the books, there are tons of fun and amazing things to do both on and off campus. Go retro at JBU’s late skate or cosmic bowling. Get your Pride and Prejudice on at the JBU Pemberley Ball. Grab a blanket and a bunch of friends, see a movie or a concert under the stars. Go outdoors! Hiking, rock climbing, or even slack lining—it’s all the rage. If you’re the competitive type, try joining an intramural football or softball team. Or, just play a pickup game of ultimate Frisbee or kickball. For students who enjoy sharing their talents we have musicals, plays, and variety shows all the time. For those who want to be on stage, but are kind of lacking a talent, we have Mock Rock, JBU’s air jam tradition. Rock on! Exhausted from all this fun? Sometimes, you just got to veg a little. Baking cookies in a dorm kitchen, or playing video games all afternoon. Or, just hanging out on the quad. Being a student here at JBU means lots of good times. Looks like my good times are over. Dr. Castleman Evangelical Theology test is tomorrow morning. You have got to study for those.