Graduate School Special Education

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So there's this kid and he puts his head on his desk, and he never wants to do anything. So I pushed it, and I pushed it, and I pushed it. And he comes back the next year, and he comes in and he's motivated. And he said, ''you believed in me.'' Between you believing in me and me having to make it work, it got easier. Special Education, it's an opportunity to catch kids when they are not being successful and when they have a disability. They tend to be very, very intelligent, but at the same time their achievement isn't matching their ability. We're trying to grow them up to where they're supposed to be and send them on their way. These kids come in and they have this challenge. They've had this challenge, especially here in high school, for a long time. And sometimes their attitudes are not so great because they've been beaten down over and over. And so when they get here, I always think, I'm not going to be able to reach this one, and for some reason, they'll open up.They start trusting and they start hoping. Then all of a sudden you see all this growth. They all want to be better than when they started and they'll work for it. It became something that was not just a job, but a gift.