JBU Online Management Accounting

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Sam Heinrich:
The Management Accounting Program prepares students for all kinds of different industries. A certified Management Accounting designation is different than a CPA. A CPA focuses in public accounting, but a CMA focuses on internal accounting. That skill set that allows you to both be able to do quantitative work and have the vision that's required for qualitative work- it's the venue in which top leadership is drawn from.

Dr. Stacey Duke:
Our faculty take our students very seriously. They become involved in their lives. They become someone that they can lean on as a mentor. Many of our faculty work in their field, so they are experts in their field, and we draw from that because they're not just teaching you something that they read in a textbook, but they're marketplace leaders. We're academically rigorous. Students learn, they develop, they dig deep. Online, you have to be there. You have to be present, and the accountability factor is a lot higher.

Sam Heinrich:
It's really all about how we do, how we do business, how we learn, how we operate our lives and our days, and online is the ultimate flexibility. At the end we think students should be able to stand side by side with their traditional counterparts and be as successful or more.