2016 Little Rock Business Faith Event

Past JBU Event & Highlight Videos


Douglas Braswell:
The vision is what keeps you up at night, what you worry about, but the mission is what gets you out of bed. And so the Bible says, 'to [whom] much is given, much is expected.' I think part of that means that if you have the opportunity to help, the resources to help, then you should.

Gina Radke:
All we hear about is how bad Wall Street is, and crooked business and, you know, all these things, and so if you're doing business honestly, your reputation and your integrity will, they're the best marketing that you can ever do.

Mark Leverett:
I think compartmentalizing character really is the definition of hypocrisy. Whoever I am at church, should be the same person that I am in the community, and the same person I am in court. When people see me in court, they should have some idea of what Jesus would be like if wore a robe and presided over the third division district court.

William Dillard III:
I'll spent countless hours of my life working, countless, right? We spend so many hours working, is God really content for me or us to give him whatever is left over at night or on the weekends? No, I don't think so. He intends for us to be about his business in our business every day. A steward is a caretaker, it's someone who takes care of something until the real owner comes back. Consider that we didn't give ourselves our intellects, personalities, talents, longings, interests. When we view these things as gifts, and employ them productively, we're fulfilling what we're meant to do. Everything the steward has on loan. His or her money, possessions, time, talent, resources are not, they're not ours. Yet we're nonetheless asked to do our best to make them as productive as possible and then return them later. That focus, for me, changed 180 degrees from how I had been doing my job so that it could serve me to how I could serve God through my job. Instead of simply being driven, I became called. And it really boils down to what I've learned over the last twenty years in business, that the number one thing is why you work is the only thing more important than what you do.