2016 Undergrad Commencement

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Dr. Robbie Castleman:
Here at John Brown University the Lion of Judah has been, is, and is still free to roar as He will. And it is my hope, and the hope of all the faculty here, that you have heard this good and untamed Lion roar during your time at John Brown University. And it is our hope and passionate desire that we will, not for the economy, not for the government, not for anyone, ever abandon our core. New Testament, Old Testament, Evangelical Theology, and Christian Life. As well as our Humanities core, and our Physical Sciences, and our Natural Sciences. We are a UNIversity. We don't just train you to get a job. We train you to be a person who thinks and then applies what you know and what you think into the reality which is the Kingdom of our God, whose Lordship is the one and only Jesus Christ.