2016 Disaster Shelter Competition

Past JBU Event & Highlight Videos


Charity Musick:
This weekend is the disaster shelter competition here at John Brown University, and it’s nine different groups that are competing with their shelters, and they’re basically setting them up and testing them out as far as how much they weigh, how much wind, and resistance, and temperatures, and things like that that these buildings can handle.

Patrick Moore:
There’s four main tests. Shake table, which is earthquake response. Specifically, there’s different climates, that’s something that was really important this semester, is their specific climate. This year’s actually the Syrian refugees, which is immediately happening right now. We actually got the opportunity to specifically look at Syrian, Afghan culture, society, how they actually live day to day life and their traditions. I think the wind test is the most fun, because you don’t know what’s going to happen. You have a feeling, either know or you kind of don’t know if yours is going to make it, but you don’t know what others are going to do, you don’t know whose is going to blow up so it’s a really fun one. It’s about 50 miles an hour is what it starts up at, and then they go to 70 and it keeps going. They end up going 130 miles an hour, so by the time you get to 130 miles an hour, everyone’s really ramped up and excited.

Charity Musick:
Samaritan’s Purse is just really excited to be a part of this competition and thankful that John Brown University’s willing to put it on, and is interested and invested in not only students, but also shelter construction and people who are needing this temporary housing.