Mayfield Renovation Announcement

Historic Mayfield Hall is getting ready for a much-needed renovation.


Erin Christner:
Mayfield has a special place on JBU’s campus because of the community of women that is here and the lifelong learning that takes place in it. Approximately 240 residents live in Mayfield.

Dani Rivas:
I have lived here for three years, and next year will be my fourth year. It is the perfect place to foster my growth, my spiritual growth.

Erin Christner:
We have the large majority of the freshmen women, as well as some sophomores, some juniors, and some seniors. We also just have a lot of fun, and a lot of fun events that happen- starting the year with our paint war.

Robyn Daugherty:
Well, little did I know, that there was a hamster in the closet they were hiding from me, as an R.A.! My face said it all, because they were like, “Oh no, she found the hamster.” And of course as Robyn, the mean R.A., I had to turn them in, and the hamster is no more.

Erin Christner:
Mayfield Hall has been housing JBU students since the 60’s, so as you can imagine, there are definitely some areas that need to be addressed.

Maritta Mitchell:
Unfortunately, people always forget to yell “hot water”. I was usually one of them, so I would flush the toilet, hear someone yell, and go, “Oh, I’m so sorry!” and then run out of the bathroom as quickly as possible so that she wouldn’t see it was me!

Kaitlyn Thompson:
A big problem with Mayfield when I lived there was how thin the walls were. My neighbors must’ve been going through a breakup, because one night I had to listen to them play “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from Little Mermaid 37 times in a row.

Julie Gumm:
So inevitably, there’s a week in October that’s really cold, but you freeze because they’re not going to turn the heat on yet, and then there’s always that random day or two days in February where it’s like 80 degrees, and it’s gorgeous, but the heat’s still on because they’re not ready to switch over to the air conditioning yet.

Dani Rivas:
Who doesn’t want Mayfield to get renovated?