2016 Entrepreneurship Minor Overview

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Eva Fast:
The Entrepreneurship & Innovation minor pairs well with any other program: Chemistry, Kinesiology, Graphic Design, Management. It's intended to help students explore new and uncertain ideas. The curriculum emphasizes collaborative learning, hands on building, and rapid experimentation. The classes are designed and driven by that idea of a lab experience.

Landon Whitlock:
I've gotten to go to Dallas to interact with business professionals from Walmart, I've gotten to sit down with Sarah Hartwick, a lady from Shark Tank, and there's numerous opportunities they provide for you outside of the classroom.

Eva Fast:
We have in our backyard 3 Fortune 500 companies- Walmart, Tyson, JB Hunt, and thousands of their big brand suppliers are located in this area. That gives us access to mentors and advisers for our students studying Entrepreneurship. CNN Money featured 6 Arkansas start-ups, 3 of those 6 businesses profiled were JBU alum. The Donald W. Reynolds Governor's Cup Competition is a business plan competition. JBU consistently places in first and second place at the Reynolds Cup and over the last 13 years, has won half a million dollars in prize money. It's giving them the confidence as they get up in front of real bankers and investors to have what it takes to start a company. Millennials are interested in running their own companies, and being their own boss and so we're equipping them with those leadership skills to understand what the opportunities are, but then to go and do it.