2015 Disaster Shelter Competition Day 1

Students from various universities gather at JBU to pit their shelters against the elements.


Mark Terrill:
We're just commencing our fourth annual disaster shelter competition. Sponsored this year by Samaritan's Purse. We've got five teams from across the U.S. We've got a team from Temple University in Pennsylvania. We've got a team from Dordt in Iowa. We have a team from Pitt State and then we have another team from Pitt State but it's a group of exchange students from South Korea. And then we have a team locally from John Brown University. Just as in previous years we've got about five major tests that we put their shelter designs through. And so we'll take that shelter put it on our shake table and check it for earthquake sustainability. Then we have a heat retention booth where we see how well the shelter would hold heat if, say it got cold at night. How well it holds heat from the inside. Then we have a timed assembly. The goal is less than two hours. Then we'll have a habitability test where we'll have someone live in it for a night and see what they think about it. And then the last test we do is a wind test to see how it will hold up to winds. High winds. Our judges during this whole process we've got six judges that will be grading the different shelters based on our criteria. We've got a judge from Samaritan's Purse, one from Missionary Tech Team, one from Engineering Ministries International. We've got a professor from Judson University. Two of the judges are, one from World Housing Solutions and then one from Innovative Humanitarian Solutions. So those are our six judges, shelters as usual are looking pretty good. Looking forward to a good competition and seeing what the designs look like.