2015 Pride and Prejudice

JBU students act in a stage performance of Jane Austen's classic novel.


Mr. Darcy: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in
possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

Mr. Bennet: I understand that Mr. Collins has made you an offer of marriage,is it true?

Elizabeth Bennet: Yes, father.

Mrs. Bennet: [squeaking noise]

Mr. Bennet: Very well. And this offer you have refused?

Elizabeth Bennet: I have, Sir.

Mrs. Bennet: [pained noise]

Mr. Bennet: Your mother insists upon you accepting it, is it not so, Mrs. Bennet?

Mrs. Bennet: Yes! Yes! Or I will never see her again!

Mr. Bennet: Child, an unfortunate alternative is before you. From this day, you must be a stranger to one of your parents.

Mrs. Bennet: [squeak]

Mr. Bennet: Your mother will never see to you again if you do not
marry Mr. Collins. And I will never see you again if you do.

Mr. Collins: Upon my word, I could almost have supposed myself to be
in the small summer breakfast parlour at Rosings Park.

Mrs. Lucas: I see.

Mr. Collins: Oh.
If you perceive that I have intended any slight upon your most comfortable arrangements, I should be mortified! MORTIFIED!

Mrs. Reynolds: Mr. Darcy, we were not expecting you. Is Miss Georgiana come as well? And the others?

Mr. Darcy: They arrive tomorrow. Georgiana is keen to play the n- Miss Bennet.This is a surprise welcome!
...welcome surprise...

Mary Bennet: Mama! Papa! Kitty! Come quickly!

Elizabeth Bennet: Oh, Jane, I am so happy for you! Mr. Bingley, I am to congratulate you on your good and great fortune.

Mr. Bingley: She is, of course, too good for me. But who should mind having what is too good for them?

Mary Bennet: They are engaged, Mama!

Mrs. Bennet: [Loud Motherly Shouting]
Mr. Bingley! Mr. Bingley.

Elizabeth Bennet: My good qualities are under your protection and you are to
exaggerate them as much as possible.
And it belongs to me to find occasions for teasing and quarreling with you
as often as may be.
Oh, my love.