Business Administration Grad Promo

Past JBU Event & Highlight Videos


Grace Olson:
I work in a business environment.
The information and the subject matter that I learned at John Brown
I actually already use cause it's relevant.
Part of what I do has to do with statistical analysis and that kind of thing.
So the stuff I learned in my statistics class I was able to use right away.
The information that I learned in my Excel classes,
I was able to take that and use it immediately.
Hi, my name is Grace Olson and I'm studying Business Administration at John Brown University.
I love being a student at John Brown because they bring forward all the things
that are great about school.
It's a very safe environment to express your opinions, and your thoughts and your views.
And there's never a time where you feel like you're not important.
It truly is online, I don't go to a classroom and have students sitting next to me.
And I thought that I would feel really isolated, didn't know how I would get help.
Our instructors here are very flexible. I have called them on Saturday mornings
and gotten calls back and gotten questions answered.
I am able to use the collaboration tools and collaborate with other students.
I never once felt isolated or alone.
My job is better because of what I'm learning.
Since I've started at JBU, I've been promoted to manager positions to
take what learned at JBU and able to use that be very successful at what I do.