Leadership and Ethics Promo

Past JBU Event & Highlight Videos


Katie Tacito:
My first class made such an impact, showing how you can be
in the business world with amazing leadership and amazing ethics,
but also intertwine your faith.
Hi, I'm Katie Tacito and I'm in the MBA program with a focus on Leadership & Ethics.
The international trip in China, it was beyond anything I could have imagined.
It was super rich in everything that we got to experience.
They're a key player in business, in the world, but specifically thinking now
they're the key player in the economy.
And it's just amazing to see how these cities have just blossomed.
Become massive.
Some of the largest buildings in the world are there and they weren't there 10 years ago.
We have some amazing, talented professors who come from all walks of life.
Having that focus on how do you become the best leader you can be.
And hearing the challenges that face people in all kinds of different industries.
John Brown seemed like the fit for me in terms of a couple reasons.
One being the affordability and two the standard that they hold themselves to
in the classroom.