2015 Simmons Great Hall Campaign Video

JBU opened the Simmons Great Hall in 2013, thanks to the generosity of donors who gave to the $6.5 million project.

Video Categories: Advancement General


Rebecca Huff:
The Simmons Great Hall is a wonderful opportunity for the Northwest Arkansas community to be involved with JBU. We have weddings, corporate events, and Siloam Springs Chamber of Commerce events.

Dr. Chip Pollard:
We've had more people on our campus, because we have this capacity to host them, then ever before.

Clayton Anderson:
As the fifteenth anniversary came around for the Soderquist Center, and we had this fantastic facility at the Simmons Great Hall, it became an option to host something her on campus, which was our preference. We've heard so many comments of folks saying, "wow, that was a home run!"

Wayne Mays:
Opening their arms, welcoming the community in has enhanced town relationships to an extent that I've never seen before since I've been here.

Dr. Jim Krall:
It's used over 250 times a year, and it's hard to imagine how we survived without that space.

Maggie Hardy:
It's just really multipurpose and convenient for students and alumni, and just people in general can come together.

Wayne Mays:
It's everybody's favorite place.