JBU Students: Professional Excellence

Hear about how current JBU students are already excelling in the workplace.

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Rodney Stanford: One of things that we've noticed about JBU alumni and students is they have a strong work ethic.

Andrea Good: One of the things I've really been able to grasp onto at JBU is to see a big problem and learn how to cut it down into smaller pieces.

Rodney Stanford: They'redependable, they're loyal. In some ways they almost seem to be a throw back to earlier times.

Karl Anderson: This summer I'll be working in the informations systems division at Walmart home office in Bentonville. They have several different languages for computer programming as well as areas that I'd be working in and several of those were very familiar to me through my classes and experience here at JBU.

Andrea Good: JBU is really good about having a comprehensive approach to our education. We learn something in one classroom that we're called upon to remember in another classroom as well.

Karl Anderson: The professors here, they love what they do, they want to connect with students and they want to push students to do their best and learn all they can inside the classroom and out.

Chris Confer: Not only do they have one-on-one contact with faculty members throughout their education here, but they also have great hands on opportunities. Most of them are very, very ready to learn from an employer, learn from an opportunity that an employer would give them and really contribute effectively right off the bat to those employers.

Rodney Stanford: Both JBU students and alumni that come to us as interns and as employees they have a special spark about them. And it's interesting because the fundamental work ethic is not always there but it is with JBU students. And they have consistently made great contributions.

I was able to restructure these fine lines based on the critical thinking skills I had learned in my classes at JBU.

Rodney Stanford: They're special people, they have a loyalty to them, they are go getters, they're energetic, they're teachable and I'm so continually impressed by how they communicate their thoughts, how they communicate their dreams, their desires.

Chris Confer: We are very intentional about training the character of our students as well. Not only for themselves and for their careers but essentially for God's Kingdom.