Keeping Faith Completion Videos

Past JBU Event & Highlight Videos


Clark Sheehy- I think the Bill George Arena has been great for not only for our athletic department but our entire community.
Adrian Miller- It's been a big improvement for outside of sports for the community and also for actual school, chapel, graduation.
Mary Eva George- I knew it was going to be great but I didn't realize that is was going to be this great I didn't realize how beautiful magnificent the building was going to be.
Robyn Daugherty- Our spectators has the comforts of great sitting, HVAC, bathroom, concession, team store, everything right there I mean it's just a blessing we feel very fortunate.
Kim Eldridge- Somebody had put up an anonymous gift and they were going to match whatever somebody else gave to the program it has made a huge difference with the amount of scholarships that we have been able to offer.
James Walls- That is what I take away from JBU the focus of community and the relationship we built here to me it's a blessing just to be able to be here I mean if it wasn't for the scholarships it wouldn't have happened.
Andre Broquard- The first thing people said when they walked in here when they came back to school in the fall was "wow is this the same spot." We really thought through where students going to get food those are just little things that mean a lot that whole experience is what we were going for and what I think we accomplished.
Steve Snediker- To pack all these students in this one space has been a challenge to have the opportunity to be able to literally double our floor space our floor size just () taking tremendous steps forwards.
Kate Williams- It seems like that the art department keeps growing every year we are defiantly running out of room in building.
Anna Andrus- I'm defiantly excited about the new space we are getting we are doubling what we have that is really exciting.
Charles Peer- It is an opportunity to nurture more creativity it has come in a really important time for the development of the program.
Steve Onnen- The JBU scholarship fund is foundational in terms of Keeping Faith campaign over 2200 students were benefited from gifts given to the JBU scholarship fund to keep the faith campaign it's about helping students financially attend JBU.
Jessa Eldridge- When your that student that gets that phone call from financial aide saying "hey we found you more money" it's a moment of celebration not just for that student but for the people who worked for you to get that money you see the sacrifice that people gives so people can come and God blesses that.
Joanna Merwin- Knowing the dorm north was in a transition and wasn't fully finished yet I think there was a lot of excitement about the fact that is was finally done and being a new dorm there's a lot of needing to formulate the culture every dorm here on campus has culture it's a really nice place to live it's beautiful and the facilities their are wonderful there's a lot of really just fun and people who are excited about living in North.
Jim Calwell- We have all the function of our major under one roof, finally.
Rick Faust- The new facility is fantastic study areas right outside my office classrooms right across the hall.
Kimberly Marti- It's going to cut down a lot on the time we spent on our projects we have project space step up right across from the professor offices it's kind of exciting to have all that under one roof.
It's our first opportunity as a division to basically have a building built for us and for our needs there just many new capabilities here that we did not have in the past we have a great opportunity for the students.
Jim Evans- The $20 million dollar challenges was a matching gift opportunity and it more than doubled the endowed scholarship funds available to students, it also provided endowment support for the leader scholar institute, the faculty excellent program , and the director of discipleship position.
Frank Huebert- I have the privileged of working with the students guys and girls who are in the process of making big decisions in life so I have the chance to walk with them to mentor them to disciple them in that process there is a new relationship that's build a deep relationship with them.
Terri Wubenna- When I walk into the building it's still brand new I don't think it will never be something I take for granted.
Paul Smith- We now are on the cutting edge in North-west Arkansas when it comes to facility to really have first class performances.
Chris Eades- You'll walk in here and it will feel really nice the space is going to be really excellence for instrumental performance.
Dr. Gary J. Oliver- I think the endowed make a statement about JBU can remember the head, heart, and hands my greatest value is people, relationships, and is this apart of what God is doing here at JBU.
Dr. H. Norman Wright- He mingles with everybody doesn't matter who they are or what walk of life their from he connects that comes from the depth of character in his life.
Dr. Robert V. Cupp- What you discover that theirs a real man behind the public persona.
Jackson Dunn- I truly believe that in these last five years that by God's grace and through the person like him in my life, I've become a better husband and became a better father.
Lee Ntherton- There is a lot of people who sacrifice to make this place the way it is, it's really honors it's kind of humbling in a way too, to see my name out there with those I knew as a student.
Jim Walters- It just draws your attention into the grandeur of God and his beauty, his order, his cemetery it is so much more than simply a functional building it's a witness it says something about who we are and the concept of who God is, it's exciting to been part of it.
John E Brown III- I can just hear my grandfather and all the saints who served here over the years shouting "WHAT WONDERS GOD HAS BROUGHT" just like they in vision it this cathedral group stands as a symbol as head, heart, hands at the center of the campus it's beautiful.