MK Thai Food Dinner

A look at the MK community at JBU.

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Angela Morse ( Senior Cinema Major): So I'm making thai food. This is Potato Curry, then this is a stir fry green bean. And the girls over here are all making wonton wrappers. It's meat and kind of like a spring roll, but their smaller and bite size and you deep fry them. So that's the meal for tonight.
Jane Koebele (Missionary in Residence): We have, like this week Angela's helping us with this meal because it's specifically Thai and as she grew up in Thailand that's really very helpful. But other weeks we have usually one meal a week. And this tonight will be an all MK meal. So we'll have maybe about forty students come in. And we have different meals together that we enjoy.
Angela Morse: It's just always fun to get together and hang out at a mom and dad's house and make, like, authentic food from our home countries and hangout with other friends who understand what it's like to live, come from a different culture. We all get together and tell stories, and just have fun.