Nursing Major Introduction

Meet Dr. Ellen Odell, Nursing Program Director.

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Dr. Ellen Odell (Nursing Program Director): Nursing is a huge impact on caring for society. Having a heart for helping people whether it be in the community in the country, or internationally are going to be some things that we're really going to be looking at with our curriculum here at JBU.
Dr. Chip Pollard (President): We're really pleased that Dr. Ellen Odell has decided to join us at JBU to found our new Nursing program. She has lots of experience in administration and also in teaching, and she will do a wonderful job.
Dr. Ed Ericson( VP for Academic Affairs) : She's a very innovative individual... she's somebody who really understands both the community and the area hospitals and networks as well as how to work creatively.
Dr. Ellen Odell (Nursing Program Director): In the hospital or the acute care setting they're going to remember the brilliant surgeon who does surgery but they're also going to remember the compassionate nurse who held their hand, wiped their tears, for days during that recovery period. The possibilities that we have with nursing here to impact Northwest Arkansas and the world are pretty significant and pretty exciting. If you want to work in a clinic and work for a doctor's office if you want to be a scrub nurse and circulate in the operating room if you want to deliver babies, if you want to work in the nursery if you want to work in the intensive-care premature nursery...endless. And what's wonderful about nursing is when you get tired of doing something you can switch and do something else.