Distance Learning Introduction

Benefits of Earning an Online Degree from JBU


Wendy MaColl (Director, Office of Distance Learning): How are you connected? Whether you use a smart phone, a laptop, a desktop, a tablet, an e-reader or some other mobile device, most college students are constantly in touch, online, and making connections to the wider world. However you choose to be connected with the world, with your family and friends, and with your education, if you’re considering or attending John Brown University then you are seeking more than just the flexibility of an online degree program. You are looking for the faith behind that program, the Christian beliefs that lie at its core. Our motto of “Christ Over All” informs all that we do and all that we are here at John Brown University. I’m Wendy MaColl, director of the office of Distance Learning. You may know the mission of John Brown University- to provide Christ centered education that prepares people to honor God and serve others by developing their intellectual, spiritual, and professional lives. That same mission drove the creation of our on-line degrees, from MBA options in business to our Graduate Counseling and Education programs, and bachelor’s degree complete programs for our undergraduate students. The JBU mission is built in from the ground up. In support of that effort, the office of distance learning provides instructional design support for faculty, training modules for all new online instructors, workshops and orientations, along with many other services to the wider university community. As you consider an online degree, you may have questions about the experience of being online or about how you’ll be a part of a class with distance involved and whether or not you’re really ready to commit to taking online classes. As with any college program, learning takes a commitment of time and effort and online learning requires the ability to successfully organize yourself around a weekly schedule that allows you maximum flexibility without succumbing to maximum procrastination. Activities are built-in to JBU online classes. They’re designed to engage you with the content, with other students and also with your instructor. After all, you’re part of a classroom that never closes. It’s open whenever you log in. you might also be wondering about how to register for online classes, how to buy your textbooks or how to access student resources. To find answers, be sure to check out the office of distance learning’s online orientation page, where almost all the information you need is there for you to get started with online classes. And take some time to explore the main JBU website and our other distance learning pages to discover more about the university and the many support services offered to our online students. The tradition of a high quality Christian education continues with online degrees earned from John Brown University. As we extend one hand back to the rich history of our institution and the other out to embrace the future that our graduates will be a part of. We invite you to share in that journey and welcome you to online learning at JBU.