Grad China Trip 2013

An overview of the 2013 China International Studies Program

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Kyle Shiller: When I was trying to decide on which of the international trips I wanted to go on, I had a conversation with my director at Walmart and asked her opinion on whether it would be Brazil or Chin And without a doubt, without hesitation she said China.
James Roberts: For me, really the impact of the trip was the business visits that we made. Specifically as a Walmart associate, it was important for me to visit Walmart Asia and Walmart China and understand that they're two distinct businesses.
Lindy Roberts: From a tourism standpoint, I really liked the time that we spent on the Great Wall of China. First of all, I mean, it's one of the great wonders of the world. So it was just amazing to be on that wall to see it stretch out.
Michia French: You know, just experiencing the culture and traveling to the Great Wall... It was just amazing, you know, cause that's just a once in a lifetime chance that you may never, you know, a lot of people never get to do.
Brad Sauer: One thing about the trip is... You get to see in ten days really what you probably couldn't see in a lifetime if you're traveling to China on business. Because you're going to be going and you're going to be focused on a particular city or region, and you may have some time to do something on the weekend. You're not going to hear global corporations speak to you and go into their headquarters you know, multiple times for Proctor and Gamble or to Walmart. Hearing the presentation at the Peter Drucker Academy to the U.S. Embassy and all of these things that I feel so blessed to be a part of. Because even if you wanted to do that on your own you couldn't.
Dan Trantham: The China trip was life changing to me because it wasn't really going as a tourist and you weren't really going for a business meeting. It was just a little bit of everything and we had a very skilled set of staff that went with us.
Lindy Roberts: I've had a lot of really good classes but none that were quite so impactful and really influenced my thinking and my approach as much as this.
James Roberts: If you're weighing the trip to China, I think the most important thing to really consider in the way is what China is going to be in the next 10 - 15 years. And there is no better time than right now.
Kyle Shiller: I think it's going to be an important trip for the foreseeable future. All of the people that we met with whether it was in business or the U.S. Embassy just stressed the importance that China is going to play in the global economy for years and years to come.
Brad Sauer: This trip really presented the opportunity to go there and to learn more and it, I learned so much more than what I expected.
Michia French: I think this is a good way to get people out of their comfort zone. And for them to really see another culture and understand another culture and appreciate another culture.
Kyle Shiller: China is definitely going to be the key trip for JBU for many years to come.