Worship Arts Major Overview

Learn about the Worship Arts major.

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Jen Edwards (Professor): The Worship Arts degree is training them for a lifetime of ministry. JBU students understand that they’re a part of something bigger than themselves, and they just want to be a part of it.
Andrew Layden (Student): Being here its equipped me better to be a better worship leader, a better worship pastor, to be a better follower of Christ in general and it’s really challenged me and grown me. I really kind of chose this major to do all those things.
Allison Harper (Student): We’re taking a lot of these ideas of leadership and what that looks like spiritually and kind of developing as a teacher they’re really trying to install in us what it looks like spiritually to be a leader and to not just go up on stage and to just play music.
Jen Edwards (Professor): I’m really passionate about them being emotionally intelligent leaders, but worship is really a response to who God is and what he is like.
Andrew Layden (Student): You can sing in choir, you can play in a chapel band, you can lead a chapel band, you can play in the music ministry ensemble. There’s tons of ways to get involved and to get plugged in and it’s great to have so many different directions that you can use to serve the Lord.