European Impressions

Paintings By Peter Pohle

Video Categories: Advancement General, Graphic Design, Art and Illustration


Peter Pohle (Art Department): My name is Peter Phole. I am an associate professor in visual art. What inspires me most is how light reacts with the environment in different times of day, different moods, different weather conditions. It’s good to see it all in one room. At home I would stack it up against the wall. You never really get an idea of how much you have accomplished, but seeing 33 or 34 pieces on the wall gives quite a feeling of accomplishment. Quite a number of pieces are actually done on location. On location you have to work very quick, which doesn’t give me a lot of time to really pay attention to detail, but that’s not really important to me. Important to me is capturing the impression, the feeling, rather than really seeing all of the detail. I usually start with the sky in my landscapes. I think the sky is setting the tone for the whole composition and the whole painting. And then often also I’m working from the background to the foreground when I do the paintings. When we used to be in the cathedral, we had 3 classrooms. That’s all we had. And having this facility with the gallery is nice. I think there is a lot of inspiration for the students with all the traveling shows we are getting. And when we teach, students don’t often necessarily see what we really do and this also provides an opportunity for them to get to know the faculty on a different level.

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