Faculty Profile: Dr. Tim Wakefield

Meet Biology Professor Dr. Tim Wakefield

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My name is Tim Wakefield, and I am an Associate Professor of Biology, and I’ve been at JBU for eleven years. Well I’m actually a trained marine biologist, I got my PhD at Auburn University. When I came to JBU and they said well, if you had any course that you could design and teach and pull off what would it be, and I said Marine Biology, because they didn’t have one when I came. We drive to the Florida Keys and we spend five days in the Florida Keys doing all of our laboratory work in the Keys at a location there. I think that for the most part JBU students come in to JBU and they have some specific goals in mind, and they have some specific careers that they’re going to, and they’re very serious about that. I know all of my students’ names and I can call them all by name. And so that makes a big difference in how you interact with people when you actually know them by name and you recognize them and you can keep up with how they’re doing and things like that. So it’s a much more personal interaction with students. And so knowing someone personally makes it easier for them to come and say hey, you know, I’m really struggling with this could you go over this with me again after class or could I set up an appointment where we could talk about this. It’s great to work with those students and sort of show them the paths… help them get to the locations that they want to go, to help them sort of jump over the hurdles that they need to get to, to achieve what they feel like God has set before them. I want my students to understand that everything we see around us, whether it’s the animals that we’re talking about in animal biology or whether it’s the human body when we’re doing human anatomy, that God thought of those things first.