Digital Media Arts Major Overview

Learn about the Digital Media Arts major at JBU.

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Peter Pohle (Professor): Digital Art is basically just an extension of the Illustration program. It’s a huge field, and in order to put them together there’s a term like Digital Art.
Steve Snediker (Professor): We look at best in class world examples of good cinema, and then we talk about it from a Christian perspective. We react to it and say what in this makes this compelling.
Peter Pohle (Professor): It’s not about giving an assignment and trying to fill it with spiritual content but it’s rather the… opportunity to be with the students, encouraging students. I enjoy to motivate them.
Steve Snediker (Professor): One of the unique things about John Brown University has been traditionally that the school is a hands-on approach.
Peter Pohle (Professor): The coolest thing is it’s really up to date, it’s right at the front, it’s always evolving.
Steve Snediker (Professor): So they have this energy that’s embedded in them, but then we have the privilege of redirecting and kind of shaping. And so it’s fun to be a dream builder rather than a dream breaker.
Peter Pohle (Professor): It’s a very exciting and interesting field in the arts.
Steve Snediker (Professor): One of the things that excites me about the outflow that comes from our students is that the work they do is amazing. Go out and engage in—at the level of cinema production in the major markets in Hollywood, in New York, Dallas, Chicago. They’re—and we have students that are out there doing that kind of stuff.

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