Family and Human Services Major Overview

Learn about the Family and Human Services major at JBU.

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Nick Ogle (Professor): So I basically train people how to love people. That’s my job. Family and Human Services prepares students for the real world.
Brittany Pagel (Student): Times in class where we were talking about really serious things in people’s lives and we just take a moment to like stop and pray during class.
Carrie Bogdanoff (Student): I had really wanted to go to a big state school because it’s very prestigious and would look good on my resume, but taking classes from a biblical perspective, it was nice, a really nice change.
Nick Ogle (Professor): People burn out very quickly in social services jobs, and some of the JBU students don’t. They stick around for year after year, and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that they know they’re serving the kingdom more than they’re just serving a paycheck.
Brittany Pagel (Student): I think in our major because we’re dealing with broken and hurting people I think our faith definitely has to be a part of what we’re learning.
Nick Ogle (Professor): A lot of our students end up working for non-profits, state-run, federal-run, government agencies where they’re going to do things like social work, counseling. But I love that students here legitimately seem concerned about the bigger world.
Brittany Pagel (Student): I’m prepared to be real and authentic in how I go about my career. You know, you can’t just learn it in the classroom but you have to practice it as well.
Nick Ogle (Professor): We have organizations that are calling and are being like, hey, do you have any more students that can come do internships here we really like the heart of the student. And so it’s awesome when we get people in the secular world who are like hey there’s some sort of—something different is going on here. And of course we here at JBU know that that’s really about—it’s the heart of the student. They have a bigger, deeper purpose for what they’re doing.