Faculty Profile: Dr. Frank Blume

Meet Math Professor Dr. Frank Blume

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I’m Frank Blume, and I teach mathematics. Mathematics is… a beautiful subject. The experience of solving a problem but also finding a beautiful solution... that part’s just attractive. Many mathematicians are very much motivated by aesthetic experiences. There is a certain purity in the thought process... and also in the structures that you encounter and the logical structures in mathematics. And it can also be applied. My objective is... to establish some kind of personal relationship with the students, and that’s just because then the teaching is so much easier when you have that. The students who is definitely interested in a challenge. It is one of the most difficult majors on campus, or maybe the most difficult as far as some of our courses are concerned... Also a student who genuinely likes, enjoys the process of thinking right. So learning how to think, and learning how to think rigorously… free from all the fuzziness that usually goes along with ordinary human thought... as a former agnostic... who became a Christian. When I was looking for a job sixteen years ago, I was also just attracted to Christian colleges. I also teach the faith and science course and have been doing that for like ten years. It gives me an opportunity from time to time to talk about… some other issues other than mathematics in the classroom. A teacher is not here only to earn money… but maybe is also really a genuine interested in conveying some kind of Christian outlook on life to the students in the classroom.