Faculty Profile: Peter Pohle

Meet Digital Media Arts Professor Peter Pohle

Video Categories: Art and Illustration, Digital Cinema, Graphic Design, Current Video


My name is Peter Pohle, I’m from Germany, I was born in Berlin, Germany, and I’m teaching Digital Art, which is 3-D modeling, texturing, rendering, but also some illustration classes, mat painting, digital illustration. The students who are interested in that field should have a strong interest in visual arts, they should have a knack for being precise and detailed in that field. You cannot really be sloppy to do that type of work. It requires some diligence, because a lot of the projects we work on are pretty time consuming. Great things about the students: friendly, fun, sincere, there’s quite a number who are very serious about the Lord, and really want to follow him, and that’s pretty exciting to see. I enjoy encouraging students, I enjoy to motivate them. The content can be applied to various applications, but we focus on the applications that are the industry standard which is Maya and Z-Brush and Photoshop. It’s a very exciting and interesting field in the arts.