Student Profile Marjorie Jackson

JBU student Marjorie Jackson, a graphic design major, published her second book "Devoted - 31 Day Guide to Good Living with a Great God" this May.

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My name is Marjorie Jackson, I'm 19 years old, and I'm a Graphic Design major. My second book is called "Devoted: A Girl's 31-Day Guide to Good Living With A Great God," and it's coming out May 1st. The book writing began actually with my parents, since they were my teachers when I was home schooled. They assigned me that as my English assignment and I thought they had too much faith in me to tell me to write a book. I was like, "Come on, like, write a book? Is that reasonable?" From there, the book writing just kind of took off. I began to own the project and I just took it from there. I wanted to write a devotional for teen girls, because, I felt like, "What's the best audience I could possibly speak to?" I'm a teen girl. I'll speak to other teen girls about the things that I've been learning. Not because I'm perfect at it, but because these are the things that God has been teaching me, and maybe he can teach them through it too. I have a part in there, just one of the devotionals, about why you should share your faith, and how to share your faith. There's a lot of different angles that I come at from there, because that's something I'm really passionate about. I got to touch on a lot of different subjects and not get burned out on just one, but have 31 different topics that I could all tie back together about being devoted to Christ.