Applied Music Guitar

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David Farley:
Someone wanting to study guitar here at JBU would choose Applied Guitar. We start with the basics, some movable chord shapes, and things. Then we start studying jazz songs and digging into a lot of the jazz theory behind those, how to improvise over them, play chord melodies, and all of that. By the time students graduate, I would love if they were proficient in understanding the guitar theory behind the most complicated forms of music that they're going to face in the real world when they go off to lead worship, play with worship bands, and all of that. So that they can play skillfully and help lead everyone in what it means to actually worship and minister to the Lord. This song is actually a John Coltrane song and what Chipper did is he took the entire John Coltrane improvised saxophone solo and transcribed it to guitar, note for note. It's very impressive because of all the hard work has really paid off.