2017 Faculty Profile - Brad Gambill

Dr. Brad Gambill, English Department head, helps coordinate and teach courses, and serves as the faculty sponsor of Sigma Tau Delta, a national honors society for high-achieving English students.

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Dr. Brad Gambill:
Well, I really have two areas of study here at JBU. One is creative writing. I am a writer, I am a playwright. I write plays, I'm also a fiction writer, I write novels. The other area is American Literature, and more specifically than that, Cherokee Literature. I first became interested in writing when I saw that writers wear berets and had the bongo drums. From there I went to- it was more of an imagination issue. Here is this great thing; all these writers get to build these imaginary worlds, and yet, somehow, tell truths that I would like to try out. I love going to basketball games where I see my colleagues, my faculty members, as well as students. It's about being part of a community, really directed toward the Kingdom, and better understanding of who we are in relation to our mission as a whole. It's a very exciting place to be.