2016 Faculty Profile - Ellen Odell

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Dr. Ellen Odell:
My name is Ellen Odell and I am the director of nursing for the new nursing program here at JBU. I was born and raised in the military. My dad was a navy- career navy man, so I grew up literally all over the country, a couple different places in the world. What drew me to the health professions in general was just my desire to help people. At the young tender age of seventeen, I didn't really know what that looked like, so I just kind of jumped in and ended up with nursing, and truthfully I can say that God has just blessed me. I've never not liked one different job I've had in nursing in 31 years. I like the diversity of the students, and just getting to know the students and getting to you know, I never got to chapel with students before, I never had lunch with students before. I never had small school affiliations or associations with students and I like that.