2016 Happy Thanksgiving From JBU

JBU students say Thank You

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Mariah Makil:
Hi my name is Mariah Makil, I'm a junior Music Education major. I am so thankful for everything that happens here on campus. Especially the Music and Theatre department. Music and Theatre puts on wonderful plays every year. And especially, I am so thankful for the candlelight service. I'm in the Cathedral Choir, and it's so great to just come together as a community and to worship God as one.

Nephtali Cantu:
My name is Nephtali Cantu and I'm a Music Education major. What I'm thankful for here at JBU is really the faculty and staff. While I've been here, I've been able to grow not only academically but also in my faith. I've been challenged in many aspects of my life and I've just really grown while I've been here.

Robert Martin:
Hi I'm Robert Martin, I'm a Business Administration major here at John Brown University. I'd like to thank you for your support to students like me, over my years here at JBU. It's been a great help. While I've been here, this semester, I've been working on Strategic Management project, where we are developing a water generating backpack for hikers and adventure-seekers. This is something I would not have been able to do at another university. Thank you for your support, and have a great Thanksgiving.

Nephtali Cantu:
I am very grateful that you have provided a way for me and many other students to come to JBU and really grow. So thank you so much and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Mariah Makil:
I am so grateful for the opportunities that you have provided for me and all the other students here, and I just want to say have a very happy Thanksgiving.