2016 White Coat Ceremony

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The White Coat Ceremony started back in the early 90s with physicians. When you don the white coat, that signifies that you have a lot of scientific background that you're very knowledgeable, that you're an expert in some sense, and so it's used as a way of just honoring the students and congratulating them. It is also supposed to symbolize the fact that we are a caring and compassionate profession. So when you put that on, you are now, in a sense, donning an aura about you that transforms you to become this professional, caring, competent, healthcare provider. The first cohort is officially the class of 2018. So they will graduate in May of '18 with a bachelor’s in nursing. This was the group of students that came to JBU truly on a leap of faith that this program was going to happen and that it was going to happen well. Just forging through a lot of the unknown, because they don't even have any upperclassmen to ask, you know, questions or advice. They've been super good about turning around to the sophomores and freshman and then beginning that mentoring process. And so they're special. They're just a very special group.