2016 Angel of Vision Statue

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We've recently installed a large statue and actually it's a statue of an angel. It's called the Angel of Vision, and the reason they named it that is because they are dedicating this as a reminder that Sam Walton had a vision for Central American students to study at John Brown University and that, in a sense, Sam Walton and the Walton Family Foundation have really been an angel to all the Walton Scholars that've come through JBU. So Alfonso, working with an artist from Central America dreamed up this idea of bringing some concrete, or in this particular situation, a metal reminder that the Walton Program has been a significant program for the university. So, this really was the brainchild of Walton alumni to say "Thank you" to the Wal-Mart folks, and in particular, the Walton family about how they have changed so many people’s lives throughout the year.