2016 Meet Your Counselor - Jamie


Hi, I'm Jamie Walt, and I'm the admissions councilor for Arkansas except for central and northwest, and the Republic of Texas. I'm originally from Oklahoma, but I lived for a year in Belfast, Northern Ireland, so my friends tell me that makes me 1/24th Northern Irish. At JBU there are a lot of ways you can get involved, when I was a student I was part of the Honors program, the Leaders Scholars Institute, theatre, and was the captain of enthusiasm for an intramural indoor soccer team. When I look back on that time I laugh, a lot, like other people did, at me. I came back to work for JBU because I fell in love, with this place, and this town, and when I moved away I really missed it. I believe in what JBU stands for, and so I wanted to come back and share with others the joy that I found here. My favorite thing to do in Siloam is just to walk around downtown. In the evenings it gets really nice outside and I always run into people that I know. My advice to incoming freshman is to forget what people think about you, and just be yourself. You'll be surprised by how much people like you just for who you are.

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