2016 New Student Move In


Sarah Erdman:
Move In is a fantastic first event that really introduces JBU new students to the culture of JBU in the practicality of moving in. We have all of our orientation staff, helpers, faculty, and staff that come to help all students move in. So, the cars pull up, and then they get swarmed. And we love that! The parents, the surprised looks on their faces, the students are always so grateful, and just thankful that we're able to help them unload their cars. The students are really excited and pumped up for all the new students to be there. So it's really a fun and engaging time for all of the new students to be welcomed in the community in such a practical and helpful way. This year's move in went fantastic. We had a lot of helpers, it was really fast, they were able to unload cars quickly and get people into the dorms and get them settled. Honestly, I don't think it could have gone much better. The students really enjoyed it, and it was really a fun time.