2016 Academic Excellence

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Hannah Ratzlaff:
As a high school senior, I had one question to answer. “What will I do with my life?” It's not just about a job, I want to pursue something I'm passionate about. I want to make the world a place of wholeness, through all of it I want to honor Christ. How can I do this? History. We have thousands of years of history to draw on, and help us learn how to be better people. The small class sizes at JBU allows us to have dynamic discussions and interact with our professors. I'm not one in a crowd of 300. They not only care about my future, but they also want to know my past. They challenge my classmates and me every day to never stop discovering. It was the thirst for discovery and wholeness that took me to JBU's Ireland program for a six week study abroad trip. I walked the streets of Belfast, surveying old buildings, studying what the city was made of. I was in awe of the way the modern world could live alongside history. Right now, JBU is preparing me for grad school so I can continue pursuing my passion, so I can tell the stories that keep our history alive.