2016 Arbor Day Celebration


Rebekah Hedges:
Hey guys, I'm Rebekah Hedges, let's talk about Arbor Day.

Heather Ker:
I think it's important that we celebrate Arbor Day because so much of the time whenever we learn about nature or talk about nature, we're talking about how we're destroying it and how the trees are disappearing and leaves are disappearing and all these different things are disappearing and we don't stop to appreciate that it's not gone yet.

Michael Games:
Having a lot of trees on campus for the students is really important because it gives us a little beauty outside of our stressful work days.

Ashley Duckworth:
I think it's important that we celebrate Arbor Day because, I mean, nature and trees do actually matter. You don't really think about it, but if you go live in the city, it doesn't smell as good and it's probably cause there's not quite as much nature around. When you come out here to Northwest Arkansas, it just smells cleaner and it makes you feel better.

Travis Chaney:
You know, the grounds crew, of course we cut the grass and we weed, but our hope and our goal is to be an integral part of the education of students on campus, so we want to educate them about all the wild things that we share our campus with, the trees and the wild animals. We try to do our work with dignity and with joy and hope that rubs off on the students that we work with.

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