Alumni Profile: Sovannary Cheng

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My name is Sovannary Cheng, I graduated in May 2014 with an accounting degree. Right now, I am working with Samaritans Purse International, it's humanitarian
relief work and it has offices around the world. I work in the finance department as an accountant, based in Juba, South Sudan. I work quite a lot with program managers making sure we help them to the right grants And also just work a lot with program managers regarding the fund and how much they have to spend. There's a lot of things about my job that I love. In the finance department, I feel like we're pretty much like family. We work, we laugh, we joke, we tease each other. But we still get things done don't get me wrong. We still get things done. My professors, they've done a great job of showing me, yes you can be both a great leader and also you can be an amazing supporter to bring people to Christ.