2016 Christ Over All

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AJ Zaldivar:
I had been told that JBU puts Christ over all. But what does that really mean? It wasn't until I experienced JBU that I understood. JBU is a place to grow spiritually. A place where I found the encouragement to search for my own faith and explore what I believe. It means that JBU doesn't just talk about Christ during Chapel. Professors bring faith into the classroom. RA's bring Christ into dorm life. And student clubs help me live out my faith with missions and service projects. JBU's interdenominational community gives me the opportunity to learn from different traditions. Traditions brought from different faith backgrounds. Here I have the opportunity to sharpen, refine, and further understand what I believe. The stories of faith shared by my friends taught me the importance of diversity within my community.
That we all have something to learn from one another. That truly, iron sharpens iron. JBU professors and mentors have answered my questions about life and God. And my classes, and through my friendships I have been challenged to dig further into God's Word and learn what Scripture says about Him. In both struggles, and celebration I have learned to turn first to the Lord. My JBU experience has been joyfully transformed because throughout my time here, I have learned to seek Christ over all. And honor him by serving others with Head, Heart, and Hand.