2016 Have You Heard of JBU

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Never heard of John Brown University?
Im Justin. I’ll tell you all about it. JBU is a Christian University in Northwest Arkansas, right in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. Our schools motto: Head, heart, and hand, means that we’re not just committed to education, be we’re committed to a holistic education that effects every part of your life. That’s one of the many reason why people say they love JBU so much. Calvinist or Armenian, iPhone or android, Capulet or Montague, if you want a good education, JBU wants you. But its not just education that JBU cares about. It’s also faith in Jesus Christ. We put our faith and learning together like it’s peanut butter and jelly, like it’s cheese and pizza, like it’s...is that potatoes and chicken? Like scholarships? So do we. That’s why we give them away to people like you, and you. Not you. Give him a few years. Our John Brown University grads have done it all. From managing custom furniture companies, to working in construction management. From doing visual effects for feature films, to doing medical research. From winning an Emmy, to getting so close to marrying a girl named Emmy. How you holding up? So go ahead, apply now, cause in four years, you’re gonna be really glad you did.