2016 MFA in Collaborative Design

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Todd Goehner:
We really saw the need for leadership
positions within ministries and non-profits to help
them further their message and what they were doing.

Neal Holland:
I think the great thing about this Masters of Fine Arts program
is that you're able to build on any kind of incoming skill.

Todd Goehner:
What we're mostly interested in is somebody who is creative,
who is a problem solver, who has a desire and a passion to create change.

Neal Holland:
So we're interested in students that are going to come in
not necessarily with already having had a Bachelor's degree
in Graphic Design, but students that have a background in
Anthropology, background in Law, background in Sociology.
The building blocks for it are very wide and varied.

Todd Goehner:
Businesses and organizations are looking for more creative thinkers.
Students are really going to have that advantage.
They're going to be able to jump into leadership roles
within non-profits or corporations and help those organizations
stay on the cutting edge.

Neal Holland:
JBU's worked in ministry, in service relations since 1919.
And I think that as a University that can draw upon all of
that history, it's a great place to do this type of degree.

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