Alumni Profile: Josh Hammett

Joshua Hammett, 2010 construction management graduate, is an assistant project manager with Nabholz Construction.

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Joshua Hammett:
Good morning, my name is Joshua Hammett with Nabholz construction! I'm an assistant project manager. We're out here at the Arkansas college of osteopathic medicine. Come on, let's go take a tour! Five years ago, I started out with Nabholz as a project engineer. From that point, I moved into a role that's called virtual construction coordinator. Our team has been extremely successful. A lot of our customers and clients are repeat, John Brown being one of them. And we love doing work for them. I have a set of skills that very few people have, and Nabholz has been great, allowing me to learn and perfect that. I'm not an electrician, I'm not a plumber, I'm not a mechanical contractor. What I do is I know how to bring those guys together. How to communicate it, how to document it. That's what a project manager and construction manager does. I had a great base of knowledge that I picked up from John Brown. I mean it's hard to beat professors that have had the experience and they've got the years. And in the CM Department, where it's a lot smaller as far as the population in there, you’re, you're family. And I don't know that you get that at every program.