2015 Health Education Building Steel

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Dr. Stephen Beers:
All right, what's going on this week at the nursing building is the steel erection. And what happens when you do the steel erection is you get a volume of the building. You've got what they call the foundation is done, and the concrete on the first floor is done. So now, people are going to get to see the steel beams, and then they put it together kind of like a Lincoln Log set. Everybody's going to get a sense of how big this thing is, where it really is positioned. Construction is going really well. Right now, we're two weeks ahead of schedule approximately, so that's good. And actually we're under budget, which again is good. But life can change pretty quickly, so so far everything's going really well. We hope to be finished sometime in late summer. It's a really fun time in the construction process.

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