English Education Major Overview

Learn about the English Major at JBU.

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Dr. Jacob Stratman:
We see our job as not only to pour into the life of the students, my English Education majors, but to prepare them to be light in the dark.

Alisha Kaub:
JBU's really great because our professors care a whole lot more than what I hear from other schools. They really just want to help you become who you can be, the best version of you there is. The way the education department works is they have you go into the schools and so I got into a school right away and spent a whole day at the high school shadowing a teacher and then we would sit in in other schools and see how different people do things.

Dr. Jacob Stratman:
We see our job is to prepare students to be a part of ministry, to be the hands and feet of Christ in the public schools, or if they're teaching internationally, or if they decide to teach in the private schools. Their teaching is their calling.