Student Profile: Joel Brown - Biology

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Joel Brown:
My name is Joel Brown and I'm a junior Biology major. I've always enjoyed animals and nature growing up. I've always liked being outside. I knew biology was the field I wanted to go in to. All biology students are required to take a field experience class. Since I'm hoping to become a vet, Doctor Greuel had me shadow at the local clinic. Every time I went I took notes of everything they did. I followed a vet around and helped with surgeries when they needed it and I helped take X-rays. It confirmed that I wanted to be a vet. Even though I'm a biology major I'm very involved in theater and music here. I've been in a lot of shows here at JBU and they just keep getting better every time. The directors are fantastic. Everyone who can should audition to be in the shows because our theater department is growing exponentially. Theater is something that I enjoy doing in my spare time. It has probably kept me going because while I enjoy biology a lot, I need an outlet and the music department offers that. It's just a great opportunity and I'm so thankful to be here.