Engineering Major Overview

Learn about the Engineering Major at JBU.

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Dr. Kevin Macfarlan:
We have three concentrations at JBU in Engineering.
We have Electrical/Computer Engineering,
we have Mechanical Engineering,
and we have Renewable Energy.

Dr. Tim Gilmour:
We have a lot of hands on activity. Students learning how to
build real things in the lab.
Projects with companies, where they're designing
a product from start to finish.

Dr. Larry Bland:
Renewable energy for us is basically looking at
the industry that has been evolving over the last decade or so.

Gunnar Shaffer:
John Brown University has prepared me extremely well
in Renewable Energy to apply for grad school.

Dr. Larry Bland:
It's an evolving and a growing type of industry
and the needs are not just local, they are global.

Brian Plank:
One fantastic thing about John Brown is the small classes.
That means the professors really do care about you
beyond just your learning.

Dr. Kevin Macfarlan:
So that's something that we really strive quite a bit on
is to get students hands on experience.
We don't want them just to learn from a text book,
we want them to be able to get their hands on things
to experiment with things, get results and see how
things work in the real world and not just out of a textbook.

Gunnar Shaffer:
We like to focus on mission applications, and
Renewable Energy is great for mission applications
because many third world and developing countries don't
have a grid built.

Dr. Tim Gilmour:
95 to 100% of our grads find jobs right away, within
six months after graduation.
Employers really like JBU students.
I think it's just a great solid program.

Brian Plank:
You're given an open design space and you get to
really decide how you want the final result to look.

Dr. Tim Gilmour:
Giving the students the ability to program these things
and learn how to use the advanced features of them.
And then build actual hands on physical projects with them.

Brian Plank:
You make really strong friends here
that down the road will continue to be friends.

Dr. Tim Gilmour:
I've had students over to my house,
most of the other professors have had students over
to their home for dinner.
We really try to get to know the students and build relationships.

Brian Plank:
So the approach was not that 'now you're an Engineer
go make lots of money'. It was 'now you're an Engineer
go show God's love to people through your work.